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Solar Array Incentives

Are you interested in powering your business with renewable solar energy?

Duquesne Light Company offers a rebate of $0.05/kWh saved capped at $500,000 to help make your solar investment more affordable. Save energy and money at your business with the help of solar power.*

What are “Solar Arrays”?

The term "solar array" is often used to describe large-scale solar power projects; however, it can also refer to groupings of solar panels. As the most important part of a solar panel system, solar arrays hold the panels, collect sunlight, and convert it into electricity. Save energy and lower your business’ electric bill by investing in a renewable solar energy project.

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Complete an interconnection agreement for your solar array directly with Duquesne Light. You will still need to contact our team to apply for a rebate.

Customer-Owned Generation Procedure

Some information we need to begin the rebate process:

  1. A completed interconnection agreement with Duquesne Light (see above)
  2. SOW with specs
  3. Estimated costs or invoice
  4. One line diagram
  5. Site plan/layout
    • Model of PV panel
    • Number of panels
    • Number of strings
    • Strings per inverter
    • Tilt and azimuth of array
  6. Simulation for annual energy yield (if applicable)
  7. Weather file/shading information

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Why is an application needed for interconnection if power won’t push back to the grid?


For the safety and reliability of the grid, it is imperative that parallel connected generators participate in our interconnection process, whether they intend to net export power or not.

First, distributed energy resources increase fault current on the Duquesne Light power grid. If Duquesne Light is not aware of these DER installations, equipment, such as circuit breakers or other protective devices, may be rated incorrectly for a lower fault current, ultimately causing issues with safety and reliability.

Additionally, if a customer installs generation without notifying the utility and going through the correct process, that generation could mask customer load, and as such give the utility an incorrectly low perception of customer load. This could impact service reliability during periods when the generation is not operating.

Terms and Requirements

*Only energy usage that is offset at the facility is eligible for a rebate. No rebates are available for excess energy. 


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