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Whether you operate a small local business or are part of a large commercial chain, we can help you save energy and lower your monthly overhead. Choose the program best suited to your size, then we’ll set you up with streamlined, expedited incentives. Purchase the upgrades you need at a cost that’s no longer prohibitive.

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Small Business Rebate Program

Save money, energy, and the environment. Old inefficient equipment can cause a drain on your businesses’ energy and your capital.

Energy-efficient system upgrades will help you save money and energy long-term and pay for themselves more quickly than you may expect.

Rebates and incentives available for small businesses:

  • Retrofits
  • End of life equipment replacements
  • New construction projects and more

We will help you navigate the program and offer tools to help you quantify your savings and find an easier path to adding money back to your bottom line!

To qualify, your business must have a maximum annual demand of less than 300 kW. 

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Large Business Rebate Program

We offer a broad variety of solutions to fit every segment in the market and help our utility customers make better smarter decisions. Our expertise creates a more sustainable and efficient facility, good for your bottom line and good for the planet. 

To qualify, your business must generate a maximum annual demand equal to or greater than 300 kW.

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