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Who is Franklin Energy and how does the company work with Duquesne Light Company?

Duquesne Light Company partners with Franklin Energy as the Conservation Service Provider (CSP) for the Business Energy Efficiency Program. As part of the program, Franklin Energy works with small and large businesses to provide smart energy solutions, which reduce energy usage and can help to lower operating costs.


What is a Conservation Service Provider (CSP)?

A CSP is defined as an entity that provides information and technical assistance to enable facilities to reduce energy consumption. Duquesne Light has selected CSP’s to work with specific business segments as part of the Business Energy Efficiency Program.


When should I involve Franklin Energy in the project?

Franklin Energy can provide guidance and assistance as early as the planning stages of your project. Their expertise in energy efficiency can help you to avoid common mistakes and roadblocks, as well as ensure that you are best qualified to receive rebates.


Does my business qualify?

Any business that operates in DLC territory and is served by DLC qualifies for participation in the Business Energy Efficiency Programs. To better understand which program is best suited for you, check out the descriptions on our program page or contact us to set up a meeting with an Energy Advisor.


How do I participate?

The DLC Business Energy Efficiency Program Team can help you find the best solution for your needs. Contact us to learn more about our offerings or check out our program pages for Business Solutions, Small Business Direct Install, and Instant Discount.


Can my contractor receive the incentive check?

Yes, they can! You will need to fill out a rebate reassignment letter, available from your Energy Advisor. The letter needs to be on customer letterhead and signed by the DLC customer. We are unable to send rebate checks to PO boxes.


What kinds of assessments are offered?

Businesses participating in the Business Solutions program are eligible to receive a FREE facility walkthrough, during which our Energy Advisor will make recommendations for energy-saving opportunities.

Small businesses are also eligible for the Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) program, during which the assessment will also include the installation of low-cost energy efficiency measures.


How can I find what energy-efficient products are available?

Many products are covered under the Business Solutions and Instant Discount programs, and those rebate levels are included in our rebate catalog. If you have a unique project that is not covered in the catalog, reach out to an Energy Advisor who may be able to help determine if the project qualifies under our custom offering.


How do I apply for an incentive?

Depending on the program you participate in, your application can vary. For Business Solutions projects, simply fill out and submit the Business Solutions Rebate Application with details about the project you are requesting incentives for. For Small Business customers, you should first set up a facility walk-through with one of our Energy Advisors, who will install FREE upgrades and provide a roadmap for applying for larger rebates in the future. Finally, for Instant Discount customers, there’s no application needed—just visit one of our participating distributors and save at the point of sale.


Who is my Energy Advisor?

When you reach out to the program, your Energy Advisor will contact you. Once assigned, this will be your main contact for program support. Our Energy Advisors are skilled experts in the programs as well as energy-efficiency technology implementation. No matter your question about saving energy with your operation, our team can help you find the answer.


How frequently can I participate?

You can participate as often as you would like. A customer cannot receive an instant discount and rebate on the same project.


When did the program start and how long is it running?

The program began on June 1, 2021, and will run until May 31, 2026, if funding is available.


Can I retain my PJM credits?

Duquesne Light owns the forward capacity rights and the ability to bid this capacity into the PJM forward capacity market for any energy-efficiency project, measure installed, or product purchased, which includes an upstream/downstream/midstream discount, direct discount, rebate, or incentive paid, or free measures installed or provided by Duquesne Light, its representative conservation service provider, partners, trade allies, or distributors.  Customers can request that Duquesne Light return ownership of the forward capacity rights.  Duquesne Light’s decision to return the forward capacity rights is in its sole discretion and is under no obligation to return ownership of forwarding capacity rights upon Customer request.



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