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Small Business Direct Install

Designed for small business customers with an annual peak demand of less than 300 kW.

Whether it’s keeping the lights always on in your 24-hour restaurant or making sure your grocery store freezer cases don’t break a sweat, a free, in-person energy assessment will help you identify the most efficient upgrades for your business. At Duquesne Light Company, we believe small businesses are a vital part of a thriving economy. Our region’s economic growth and prosperity depend on your success. We know that it can be daunting to figure out the best path to efficiency—and that cost can be a significant barrier to implementation.  

What We Offer

Rebates and incentives available for small businesses:

  • Up to 80% of materials and labor costs could be covered for applicable equipment upgrades
  • A one-stop-shop source from energy audits to product installation
  • Energy-efficiency recommendations
  • Little to no interruptions to your business operations

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How it Works

This is your opportunity to save money, energy and the environment. Rather than being stymied by emergency replacements, the program encourages early replacement, all the better to reap the rewards of the rapid advances in technology. Over time, your system upgrades will help you save energy in the long-term and will pay for themselves more quickly than you may expect.

Steps for a More Energy Efficient Business 

  1. Receive a no-cost energy assessment that can occur while the business maintains operations
  2. Receive a simple-to-understand proposal with key opportunities and costs for energy retrofit upgrades with recommendations for efficiency measures and the direct installation of certain low-cost measures
  3. The implementer obtains the customer's written approval and facilitates equipment installation by pre-selected contractors

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