Instant Discount Program

Instant discount measures include the following:

  • Omnidirectional, directional, and decorative screw-based lamps
  • LED lamps and fixtures
  • Highbay and low-bay fixtures (with or without integrated controls)
  • Exterior area and wall pack fixtures
  • Parking garage lighting

Find a list of eligible lighting distributors here.
Click here for a full list of eligible lighting incentives and incentive amounts.


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HVAC Systems
  • Air conditioning (central AC, air-cooled direct expansion [DX] split systems, and packaged terminal AC)
  • Air source and packaged terminal heat pumps
  • Electric chillers
  • Water source and geothermal heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumpscommercial < 5.4 tons
  • Motors and variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • ECM circulator pumps
  • High-efficiency pumps
  • Domestic hot water
  • Heat pump water heaters

List of HVAC Distributors Coming Soon!
Click here for a full list of eligible HVAC incentives.

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Food Service Equipment
  • ENERGY STAR® ice machines
  • Beverage and snack machine controls
  • ENERGY STAR electric steam cookers
  • ENERGY STAR combination or convection ovens
  • ENERGY STAR commercial fryers
  • ENERGY STAR commercial hot food holding cabinets
  • ENERGY STAR commercial dishwashers
  • ENERGY STAR commercial griddles
    List of Food Service Distributors, incentives, and incentive amount coming soon!

If your business is interested in becoming an instant discount distributor please contact Energy Solutions at or (412) 625-7715

Instant discounts eliminate the typical—and cumbersome—process of rebate qualification, approval, and payment. Our instant rebate program moves incentives to up the supply chain directly to distributors. They pass on the lower costs directly to you, with a seamless, frictionless rebate program that provides savings right at the point of sale without customer paperwork. Even if you are a remote, hard-to-reach customer, this program provides you with an easy way to access incentives. You receive the benefit directly from a distributor, which offsets the higher costs of high-efficiency products to help level the playing field between affordability and sustainability. Instant rebates remove the price premium between conventional and high-efficiency products at the point of purchase, encouraging their early adoption.  

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